Hi there! I'm Natasha Rooney, the Internet Engineering Director at GSMA, Youtuber, Web enthusiast, Chair of IETF SLIM WG, Otaku and Disney Parks fan. My job requires me to be an expert in internet and web technologies and I speak about these topics often; my current major interests are transport, security and methods to make webapps run offline. I attend W3C and IETF regularly.

This site has a bit of information about me, some links to my online projects and work and details on how to request for me to speak at events. I hope you enjoy!

Japan and Travel

I moved back from two years living in Japan this year. The food, culture, landscape, cities and things to do are amazing in Japan; we love it so much and return often.

I also travel often for work (and sometimes for vacation); we record a lot of our travels on YouTube, Swarm (user: thisNatasha) and Twitter.

Internet and Web

After programming within acedemia and commercially I found a great appreciation of programming for the Web. I maintain my knowledge of Web APIs and technologies; especially with regards to security and offline capabilities. My current role has seen me push down the stack into Internet technologies and protocols. Application and Transport Layers are my main focus; as well as caching techniques, content delivery and a spot of Internet Governance.

Please email me if you want to discuss my work related to Web, Internet and GSMA.


Vlogging has allowed me to share some of my greatest passions for travel and tech! My YouTube Channel began in 2016 and follows my trips around Disney Parks, Japan and other places as well as tips for travelling. My next series will look into Internet and Web technologies.

Video Games and Anime

One of the reasons I love Japan so much came from Video Games and Anime! I’ve owned Nintendo consoles since the NES, and mostly play platform, RPG and simulation games. Mass Effect, Zelda and Final Fantasy are favourites.

I’ve had an interest in Japanese Anime for around 15 years! Lucky Star, Cowboy Bebop, Free!, Gankutsuou are amazing series; Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai make phenomenal films.

Public Speaking

I speak about technical topics across the web and internet focusing mostly on new internet protocols and new web APIs. I'm happy to adapt talks to audiences with various professional levels and technical ability. Please email me or let me know on Twitter if you'd like me to speak at an event. Some speaking highlights include:

  • JQuery UK: "Service Workers on Vacay", introduction to Service Workers, code walk through and example uses. Mar 2015 (slides) (video)
  • HTML5J (Japan): Update on the W3C WepAppSecurity Working Group work. Nov 2014 (slides) (website)
  • ISOC @ IETF91: Speaker and panelist on the Internet Society's "Is Identity an Internet Building Block?" panel discussion. Nov 2014 (slides) (video)
  • Edge Conference: Panelist on the "Secuity and Identity" panel. Sep 2014 (video)
  • London Web Standards: Talk on offline capabilities in mobile web apps and understanding the flow through the mobile network. Mar 2014 (slides) (website).