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Photo by: Thanh Pham

Talk at London Web Standards

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking at London Web Standards! Despite being the “web person” in an mobile network world last night I played the “network person” in the web world. Check out the slides here. We covered … Continued

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W3C Web and Mobile Interest Group

Almost two years ago the W3C started the Core Mobile Community Group to help boost the mobile web development landscape by defining a profile of core features, proper and appropriate tests and a bunch of applicable use cases and scenarios. … Continued

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Katsukura, Kyoto Station, Kyoto

It’s going to be difficult to go Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) dining with 2 vegetarians and an almost-vegetarian! However, I read about this Tonkatsu chain on Pauls Travel Pics and it sounds perfect, not least because of the amazing Tonkatsu at … Continued

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Shinjuku Nakamuraya, Shinjuku Tokyo

This is just a quick note about a recommended Indian restaurant in Shinjuku. Despite making a great curry, Nakamuraya make the famous ‘curry-pan’ (bread) as well as other bread and sweet items on their basement and first floors. Western, Chinese … Continued

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Tokyo Mentsudan, Shinjuku, Tokyo

I love finding awesome Japanese casual restaurants near our hotel! Makes dinner super easy and still an authentic Japanese experience. Tokyo Mentsudan is an Udon self-service restaurant. The udon makers here are from Kagawa, where udon is said to originate, … Continued

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